Personal Appearances
Award Winning Children's Book Author Boots Hensel
Dear Boots,

 Thank you so very much for driving to Kiawah to take part in the Frierson book project. Never in my
wildest dreams did I think an actual children's author would be there!

 Boots, your presentations were a big hit. The children loved seeing a grown up at school in pajamas
and slippers! I know you were an inspiration to many little ones that day.

 I also want to thank you for your generous donation of books and for gifting each child with a bag
of treats.

Mary Hoffman
Frierson Elementary
Kiawah, SC


The teachers loved the presentation! It was the perfect length for that age. They loved the stories and
the songs! We have both of your books in our library for students to check out. They’ve been off the
shelf since your visit! I think the students really loved the elephant poop! You could always have them
walk around the display table to see the pictures of you and the poop! But, what a cool experience to
get to hold elephant poop! Haha!

Thank you again for visiting us!

Laura Armstrong
Maclay School


Hi Boots,
You did such a great job last night!  Really a solid, inspiring presentation.  Thanks for sharing!

Donna Meredith
President of the Tallahassee Writers Association

Dear Boots:

On behalf of our teachers and staff at Betton Hills Preparatory School, I just wanted to take this
opportunity to thank you for visiting our preschool and Kindergarten classes.  What a very special
event for everyone.  Our students are still talking about their new friends, Mary and Ellen from your
book The Zoopendous Surprise.  The students enjoyed your interactive movements with them, your
creative project and most importantly the entertaining story.  The illustrations help make your story
come to life and the students enjoyed listening and looking at these pictures while you read the story
to them.  We can hardly wait for your next book..  Thank you again for sharing your story and Mary
and Ellen's with our school.

Olivia Jordan
Betton Hills Preparatory School
Tallahassee, FL
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