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Johari's Joy

Johari, a lonely black rhinoceros, noticed the
other animals with best friends.  He didn't
have a best friend.  A kind zookeeper noticed
his dilemma and placed a lonely pig named
Joy in his enclosure for companionship. Could
this odd couple become friends?  Or is living with
a stinky pig more than this rhinoceros can handle?

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ISBN-13: 978-0989182201
The Zoopendous Surprise

"We have a surprise today," the zookeepers
whisper. "Shhh! Don't tell the elephants!"
Mary and Ellen, the Asian elephants overhear
the whispering. They wonder what the surprise
is. They ask all their zoo friends, but not one of
them will tell. After all, it's a surprise!

This story is based on two real elephants at the
Little Rock Zoo. From start to finish, children will
try to guess, along with Mary and Ellen, what the
surprise could be. Delighted by Andrea Gabriel`s
colorful illustrations, they will follow the elephants
and all their friends at the zoo.
ISBN-13: 978-0979203558
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The true story of a
pioneering aviator
who flew with his
pet lion.
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