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Award Winning Children's Book Author Boots Hensel
The Zoopendous Surprise

"We have a surprise today," the zookeepers
whisper. "Shhh! Don't tell the elephants!"
Mary and Ellen, the Asian elephants overhear
the whispering. They wonder what the surprise
is. They ask all their zoo friends, but not one of
them will tell. After all, it's a surprise!
Ms. Hensel's first book.  This story is based on two real
elephants at the Little Rock Zoo. From start to finish,
children will try to guess, along with Mary and Ellen,
what the surprise could be. Delighted by Andrea Gabriel`s
colorful illustrations, they will follow the elephants and all
their friends at the zoo.
Johari's Joy

Johari, a lonely black rhinoceros, noticed the
other animals with best friends.  He didn't
have a best friend.  A kind zookeeper noticed
his dilemma and placed a lonely pig named
Joy in his enclosure for companionship. Could
this odd couple become friends?  Or is living with
a stinky pig more than this rhinoceros can handle?
Hensel's second popular book demonstrates to
children that even though someone is very
different, they can still become great friends.
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Reviewed by Margaret Fanney
Johari and Joy are a delight!
Johari's Joy will be well used by me! I am a Registered Play
Therapist who sees many lonely children. They will easily identify
with Johari and possibly may be able to find an unlikely friend like
Joy!  My grown children will want to see this book, too.

Reviewed by Linda Brooks
This book is lovely and shows us that even though we are different
we can become good friends with someone unlike us.  What a great
life lesson for young ones!
Reviewed by: K. Morris
Great book! This is an adorable book based on two elephants
in the Little Rock Zoo. The illustrations are beautiful and my
kids really enjoy this book.  My daughter took this book to
school to show and tell when they were discussing the letter "E".
It was perfect. A very cute story.

Reviewed by Linda Brooks
What a fun book!  The story takes children on a trip through
the zoo and guessing what is going to happen.  My 4 year old
granddaughter is learning to read it back to me now and she
really likes all the characters in the zoo.  

Reviewed by: Wayne Walker
If you were an elephant in a zoo and the keepers began
whispering about having a surprise and not telling the elephants
about it, what would you think?  Mary and Ellen are Asian
elephants who live in a zoo. One day, they watch a couple of
keepers carrying a big box into the zoo. They see a delivery
truck stop at the gate with a long table and balloons. As they
take their walk, they ask Mahale the chimpanzee, BJ the
giraffe, Nyla and Sidney the lions, and Einstein, the wise old
owl, if they know what's going on, but no one will tell them
anything. What do you think it is?

This book is based upon a true event. Mary and Ellen are real
elephants living at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas, and their
surprise birthday party at the zoo in 2005 was just like what
happened in this story. Author Boots Hensel's daughter
Courtney was the elephants' keeper until her untimely death,
which was the inspiration for the book. Andrea Gabriel's colorful
illustrations of the animals and action are quite attractive. A
portion of the author's royalties will be donated to the Little
Rock Zoo. Children love to read about and look at animals, so
The Zoopendous Surprise will be a great hit.
Boots Hensel's 3rd Book
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Roscoe Turner was a record-breaking American aviator and
a three-time winner of the Thompson Trophy air race.  He
was widely recognized by his flamboyant style and his pet,
Gilmore the Lion.

During an eight-month period, Roscoe and Gilmore logged
over 25,000 miles in the air and the lion was a passenger
during multiple air speed record runs.  Read all about Turner
and Gilmore in Hensel's newest book.
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